In recent years, emerging technologies and nostalgic thoughts about the simple crafty past are becoming increasingly separated. For the past five years, including during my undergraduate degree, my job has been doing 3D modeling for a design firm, using the newest technology to do so. Every day I create a new 3D object or space in my computer. In this immediate world where everything moves rapidly, human beings seem to try to live by enjoying the moment. I see the people around me moving so fast in order to work, to live, to enjoy, to create, to own, to relax and just to be.

I began building little cardboard spaces in a very meticulous way. I designed each cardboard space for a specific person. In order to put the person inside the space, I had to reduce his size and adjust him to his new cardboard space. The resulting image reflects a collision between high and low tech worlds, the high tech world represents the world where everything is possible and in the low tech world the opposite is true.

In this way, the people I put inside these cardboard spaces are frozen in this time and space, frozen inside this collision.