• Animation installation, in collaboration with Aya Bentur. part of the exhibition - "Camels in the Air", curated by Hadas Zemer Ben-Ari and Gilad Reich for the Jerusalem Design Week 2019 - East


The convergence of the Levant and western modernity occurred not only in our vicinity, but also in Europe New images were brought consumed, lending access to an unknown expanse to Europeans who had not actually visited the Middle East. The experience of train travel and the vistas seen from the train became a central part of the attempt to import the landscapes of the Levant. Wondereast 2000 invites you to return to the viewing experience of the late 19th Century, when the sight of a passing train was an object of wonder, for those on board and off the train.

Still image from the animation - WonderEast 2000

Still image from the animation - WonderEast 2000

The machine offers glimpse and an inquiry into the complex relationship between location and representation, between the machine and its physical and cultural environment. Visitors are kindly requested to enter the engine driver's post and take an active part in the image machine. The train is about to leave the platform!

Installation photos by  Dor Kedmi

Installation photos by Dor Kedmi


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